Five Rules For Life: Aesthetician To The Stars Joanna Vargas

I have Joanna Vargas to thank for the phenomenal skin care tip of using paper towels to dry your face with, via Tamar. Joanna’s ameliorated the already marvelous mugs of Rebecca Minkoff, Mandy Moore, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams, to name a few. Since she has such life-changing skin care rules to impart, I hit her up for Five Rules. In Joanna’s words.

1. Be nice to everyone! 
One thing that I have learned in all the years I have lived in NY: It is always remembered when you treat someone well and are respectful to everyone, no matter their position. Remembering a name, what you talked about, something they said about their children, will make a huge impression on a person and will create a client for life.
2. Take good care of yourself! 
We ask a lot of ourselves everyday–all of us are managing high stress on the job, family life and all sorts of activities from the time we wake up till our head hits the pillow. If you are also not taking the proper steps to care for yourself, like eating, drinking water, taking vitamins and sleeping, you are not going to be at your best. I manage stress way better on a good nights rest, I’m more patient, and I am actually better at my job. Many of my clients are operating on no sleep and a cup of coffee all day – this is totally unacceptable and will make you groggy, tense, and unable to attend to details.
3. Feed the body what it needs. 
I may not be able to get my clients to eat great meals everyday, BUT all of us can take a minute a day to make a green juice or an all greens shake. This will replenish your body, give you much needed energy, and make you look great! Remember, your body is a machine – it needs the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly and look healthy.
4. Never stop learning. 
The best thing that I have done for myself in my career is continuing to educate myself. I have always made time to read new books, research new tools, new technologies and most importantly, I never think I know it all already! I have always kept myself in the know when it comes to new technologies in my industry which keeps my clients happy with my work, but I like this rule because it can apply to every part of life.

5. Forgive yourself. 
I am a perfectionist. Dwelling on what went wrong doesn’t help anyone. I have really learned to move forward and just decide to be better next time. It works for me at the office, and also as a mom.

Thanks, Joanna! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.

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