Pour Some Sugar on Me: Freeman Sugar Body Scrub

This fairly dense sugar pomegranate scrub polishes skin to perfection and smells like a fancy drink you'd get at a hotel bar. I tried out the instructions Continue Reading [...]

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  1. Kara

    i am OBSESSED with gossip girl! omg! recently i thought i had lost interest so i had 2 unwatched episodes taped on my DVR and watched them both last night (Victor, Victrola and the one w/Blair’s birthday party) and i have fallen back in love with it! how much do you LOVE Blair and Chuck together?! they are perfect for each other. and Serena and Dan are so hot! i want to be her and go out with him! her makeup looked so utterly fab at Blair’s birthday party, i was thinking it was NARS Orgasm on cheeks and maybe Lip Fusion Glow on lips? anyways it looked gorgeous and i loved her outfit, too! can i please live in that world?


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