Pour Some Sugar on Me: Freeman Sugar Body Scrub

This fairly dense sugar pomegranate scrub polishes skin to perfection and smells like a fancy drink you’d get at a hotel bar. I tried out the instructions on Soap and Glory’s The Scrub of your Life, which advises you turn off the water in the shower before slathering it on and it made such a difference not to dilute the product.

BT dubs guys, ALWAYS read the instructions on your products. I learned that I was using my Ouidad Deep Treatment the total wrong way–they advise you to cover your hair in plastic whilst keeping it on and drying your hair with one of those dryer attachments that connect to your shower cap…which I didn’t even have. AND they recommended that I use about 50% more of the stuff than I was using. It made such a difference once I followed directions. Back to the pomegranate scrub. It’s also sublime for sloughing feet. At $3.99, can you even think of passing it up? You sure can’t.

In other news, I leave this evening to return to PA for Thanksgiving. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be attending my annual unofficial high school reune at PJ’s. I have maj-ah (to be said like Posh) Black Friday shopping to do and serious loafing around to do as well. But lest you worry, my luggage is packed with several scrubs, Pour Some Sugar on me Week will continue on location from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Have a fantastic T-Giving!

You know you love me. xoxo
(I’m SO into Gossip Girl, aren’t you?)

Photo credit: freemanbeauty.com

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  1. Kara

    i am OBSESSED with gossip girl! omg! recently i thought i had lost interest so i had 2 unwatched episodes taped on my DVR and watched them both last night (Victor, Victrola and the one w/Blair’s birthday party) and i have fallen back in love with it! how much do you LOVE Blair and Chuck together?! they are perfect for each other. and Serena and Dan are so hot! i want to be her and go out with him! her makeup looked so utterly fab at Blair’s birthday party, i was thinking it was NARS Orgasm on cheeks and maybe Lip Fusion Glow on lips? anyways it looked gorgeous and i loved her outfit, too! can i please live in that world?


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