Summer in the City

My annual hairdryer embargo has begun. Every year around this time, I give up straightening my naturally curly hair. Between the New York City Every-Day-is-Trash-Day smell, the invisible rain from overhead air conditioners, the steamy subway, and the ridic level of humidity, I have learned that forcing your hair into an unnatural state is a losing battle come L’Ete. I use Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious for fine to medium hair. I apply to wet hair, starting at the roots and working all the through to the bottom layers. I then twist my hair into ringlets and let my hair dry naturally if I have the time. If I need to be somewhere quickly and with dry hair, I use a diffuser set on medium or low heat. If I have to be somewhere like work, for example, I just go with a wet head and let it dry from there. It sounds intuitive, but having curly hair is a WHOLE different ball game. Thankfully, there are directions for use that come with the product in case you forget these.

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