Obianuju’s June 2019 Favorites: Lash Edition

It’s been a long road from not wearing mascara at all, to trying loads of mascaras in search of my favorite combo, to now starting to get comfortable wearing false lashes. For the month of June, I’ve dedicated my favorites post to this lash journey. 

*We’re committed to transparency. Products marked with asterisks were given to us to try by the brand. As always, all thoughts expressed on Rouge18 are our honest opinions.

*MAC Lashes #76 ($17)

I’ve struggled to apply false lashes because my natural lashes are so curly, but these are the first lashes I was able to successfully apply. You never forget your first. You can see how extra these lashes are in the GIF above. 

*Sephora Collection Lash Adhesive

The lash adhesive I’ve been using came included with a set of Sephora Collection lashes. The glue is super easy to use: I just apply it to the rim of the false lashes, wait for the glue to get sticky, and pop them on. My lashes stayed in place all day.

*Ever Skin Whiplash Speed Volumizing Mascara ($25)

I love this mascara for adding volume. The brush is thick and dense, so it deposits a heavy coat of product on to the lashes with minimal effort.

Sephora Collection Lift Off Lash Comb ($10)

I’ve raved about this product before on the blog, but it bears one more mention. I use this lash comb to brush out any unwanted clumps in my mascara and also to blend my real lashes with false lashes.

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