5 Rules For Life: Makeup Geek’s Marlena Stell

Makeup Geek founder and CEO Marlena Stell began her career in the beauty industry at the age of 28. As a music teacher who loved makeup, she began to show her advanced makeup skills on YouTube using the moniker Makeup Geek. These videos were well received leadiner her to become a worldwide influencer with followers in the millions.

Marlena took her passion to the next level by quitting her day job and dedicating her time to female entrepreneurship. Her first venture, which has proven to be extraordinarily successful, is the creation of the beauty brand Makeup Geek. Stell was quickly named to the Inc. Top 500 fastest growing companies in 2016. Here, she shares her 5 Rules For Life. 

Follow your Inner Voice

There have been many times in my career where I had pressure from others in decisions I needed to make for my life. Despite my inner voice quietly telling me what the best decision was for myself, I listened to other voices that were screaming a bit louder. In the end I regretted those decisions because only I could truly know what was best for me, my family, my company, etc…

Never Feel Guilty for Putting Yourself First

This has been such a hard one for me over the years! But I realized that if I didn’t put my health, happiness, and overall well being first, I couldn’t help others in the capacity that I needed. When I’m recharged, healthy, and in a good mental space, I’m able to do so much more than when I feel exhausted and burnt out.
Tackle your Hardest Tasks on Mondays

There’s just something about Mondays that say “New week, so let’s get this done!” Anytime I have tasks that I’m dreading, if I don’t do it on Monday it will just linger throughout the week and weigh on my shoulders. I’ll procrastinate even more and will let it effect my other tasks by just thinking about it.  Knock out your most difficult items Monday so the rest of your week can run smoothly with nothing getting in your way. 

Always keep Comfy Shoes in Your Bag or Car

I admit that I LOVE high heels. They make me feel powerful, confident, and ready to accomplish anything. Two hours after wearing them, my feet are screaming asking why I would torture myself like this. So anytime I can, I sneak into some comfy shoes to give my feet a break, then will slip on my heels again for a meeting or when I leave work (if I leave work in heels, I can tell myself that I wore them all day 😉 )

Wear what Makes You Happy

Growing up as a thicker girl, I’ve been told so many times what I should or shouldn’t wear. “Don’t wear shorts, they make you look too stocky.” “Since you have fuller hips, you should be wearing A-Line skirts”  Honestly, I hate A Line skirts and it’s really hot in California, so shorts are a necessity.  I love a great fitted midi skirt because they emphasize my hips, which I happen to love. I also hear so many times that when you reach a certain age, you can’t wear bright colors and busy patterns yet I see women older than me wearing the loudest outfits and having the time of their lives! (I’m determined that when I reach 70 I will have the most fun with fashion. You’ll be able to spot me by my bright lipstick, cheetah print jacket, and some red heels).  Life is short, so wear whatever makes you happy and confident. 

Don’t get hung up on what love looks like or when it should happen

I’m afraid to admit that I’m not yet 40, but have been through 2 divorces.  Never in my mind did I think this would be my life at this age! After my 2nd divorce, I gave up on love altogether and was determined to be alone with my dog, Lady, and live a great life. As soon as I made that pact with myself, I met someone that changed my mind about everything I thought I knew about love. Love doesn’t come from a cookie cutter factory and it may take a few test runs to get that perfect one.  If I didn’t go through 2 divorces and learn valuable lessons about myself and what I needed in a relationship, I don’t think I would have recognized what type of man was best for me. I now have someone that is amazing and makes me blissfully happy (Lady loves him too). 

Thanks, Marlena! Stay tuned for more Five Rules installments.

 “Five Rules,” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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