Motivate Monday, Because Working Out Isn’t Just For The Patriarchy

We often think of metabolism as being either fast or slow, but really we should categorize metabolism as either “efficient” or “inefficient.” Despite what you might think, an efficient metabolism is actually one many would call “slow”. Further, athletes are better off with efficient metabolisms. Read more to find out more about how we’ve been thinking about metabolisms in the wrong way.

A plank is a simple yet effective exercise to build a strong core while getting a full body workout. However, holding the position for too long and sagging your belly are some of the ways you may not be getting the full benefit of your plank.

Often the rhetoric around fitness focuses exclusively on appearance. However, exercise has innumerable health and wellness benefits. As such, Byrdie provides “8 Reasons to Work Out That Aren’t Patriarchal Beauty Standards”.

The Food & Drug Association (FDA) has created a cool interactive infographic to help you better understand the nutrition label on food. This site provides a wealth of information including how ingredients are listed, detailed information about each of the categories listed on labels (e.g. carbohydrate, sodium, total fat), and much more.


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