So LA: Why You Should Take A Sound Bath

Last Thursday started off like any other workday, wake up, work, at lunch check out the SoulCycle and yoga schedules and make a plan to move after the workday wraps up.  While reviewing the yoga schedule, something called a New Moon Manifestation Sound Bath caught my eye.

Billed as a powerful manifestation sound healing journey where you will have the ability to focus your energy toward your goals, the experience promised to release anything no longer serving you and elevate you through deep sacred meditations, breathwork, and sound so you could become fully open to the flow of all possibilities and be a magnet for prosperity, harmonious relationships, success and divine alignment. Attendees were also promised to receive Clear Light healing energy transmission for additional clearing and balancing benefits.

I read on and when I got to the part where it said please bring a blanket, pillow and anything else that will make you feel comfortable I thought, hey it sounds hokey, but if I get to bring a blanket and a pillow I am in.
Thursday’s activity would be a walk with my pup around the block and a Sound Bath.
When I arrived at the yoga studio the room was dimly lit, a woman all in white with the most peaceful presence was sitting on a blanket in front of a gong surrounded by Crystal Quartz Chakra Singing Bowls. She had a few tuning forks and other small hand instruments on hand.
The room quickly filled and the journey began. Our Sound Bath tour guide, energy-healing practitioner, Ava Milva,  educated us on the importance of writing down and visualizing our goals. She explained that the breathing and meditation exercises would assist us in cleaning negative energy and emotions and allow us to focus on our goals and intentions.
Next she lead us in a series of seated stretching, breathing and meditative exercises. The result was a feeling of relaxation and being present in the moment to allow myself to truly focus and visualize my goals, which for me are health, happiness and being by the beach.
Next, she asked us all to lie down, close our eyes and prepare for the Sound Bath.  She encouraged us to continue to visualize and focus on what we would like to achieve if there were no limits, no roadblocks. As she began to play the quart bowls and the gong the room filled with soothing vibrations from the instruments. The experience felt like floating through a spa and it was at that point in”journeyed” so deep into a relaxed state that I fell asleep. I awoke to sound of bar chimes and her voice instructing us to begin to wiggle our legs and arms to ultimately roll back up to a siting position. She closed with a chant and a song and we went into the night as relaxed restored souls.
The next day when I awoke I thought to myself did it work? What did it do?
I can tell you that I did see following results:
– De-stressed
– Positive state of mind
– Insecurities that had come in to my head in the days preceding were gone
– A renewed focus and positive outlook on my goals was present
– And I was compelled to create a Spotify playlist of sound bath tones to help me relax in the evening

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