Eye Cream Two Ways

Sometimes when you get home, you just want a nice glass of wine, pajamas, and let’s face it — your fave eye cream. Staring at the computer, or even squinting at it like I do… all contributes to the beginning of bags. The one thing I do have going is on-point natural lashes. But if I have bags, I definitely look I pulled an all-nighter.

Caudalíe’s Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream hits all of the trigger points: the puffiness, the bags, the onset of early crepiness, and the way too much Pinot night. The thick, but quickly hydrating formula helps me from my craziest of mornings, to my happy hours which last all night.

Pop in the fridge and apply in the a.m to energize. Throw it in a hot cup of water at night to unwind.

—Melissa, A.K.A. Sissy

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