Melissa’s New Eye Cream Obsession

Clearly, we know that travel, stress and environmental factors cause our ever-deepening, constantly creasing eye wrinkles and bags. If you are at all like me, if I forget to put my eye cream on at night, I will stumble around to find it! Not because it feels amazing, but because I know that tomorrow morning I will wake up with bright eyes and the hope of turning the clock back a few days (I wish it were years, le sigh).

I’ve been a fan of Perricone MD for some time, but have found that the brand’s H2 Elemental Energy De-Puffing Eye Gel is a staple in my routine now (both a.m & p.m). The “thicker than a liquid” lotion is light and extremely hydrating. Even after my afternoon latte, I dab a little on and it instantly tightens and smoothes under my eyes. Yup, ready for the rest of my insane day.  BONUS…throw it in the fridge for five and see an instant difference!

—Melissa A.K.A., Sissy

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