Why You Need A Baby (Baby) Desk Humidifier

I already have a baby humidifier for my bedroom. By baby, I mean “a lot of the reviews suggested using this humidifier in a baby’s room”, not “a humidifier specifically for babies,” or “baby sized.” However, I just got a baby baby humidifier, which means, a baby size of my baby humidifier. Do you follow?

Please meet my desk humidifier, which has become an essential part of my work life. My office is hot AF which means the heat is on high and no one can do anything about it. High heat also = dry air which = dry life.
But really, dry air can lead to chapped lips, a dry throat, allergy symptoms, and even a bloody nose. Plus, since humidifiers infuse the air with moisture, they soothe dry, itchy, cracked skin so you’ll wake up look fresh faced. Thanks to humidifier #1 I’m covered at night but guess where I spend most of my time? At work. So it’s crazy to think I didn’t have one at my desk until just recently.
—Julia Casella

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