The Best Gift For Bearded Dads: Billy Jealousy

billyjealousy_beardenvykit_kit_900x900As the Fug Girls once sagely said, “Dads are NOT ALLOWED to change long-term facial hair patterns. So choose your face wisely, young Dads.” I 100% concur — my dad/Saul lookalike Barry shaved his beard maybe thrice in my lifespan and it was traumatizing every time. But as bearded dads get older, it’s a short trip on the scale from Star Trek: The New Generation’s William Riker to Willie Nelson, and that, friends, is NOT the goal. Also, you have to really keep on top of a dad’s eyebrow hair. The first thing I do when I set foot in my parents’ house in Philly is cut my dad’s brows. They’re longer, graying Cara Delivingne levels of robust.

For his beard, I’m gifting Barry with Billy Jealousy’s Envy Kit ($25), which includes a beard cleanser, conditioner and a boss beard brush to keep that ish groomed.

Does your dad have a beard? Do you agree that dads are NOT allowed to change their facial-hair concepts?

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