Get The Golden Globes Look: Lupita Nyongo’s Hair & Nails


Lupita Nyong’o’s Golden Globes was my favorite of all. Basically, the minute she sashayed down the red carpet in that tomato Ralph Lauren, I was like, BAI. I don’t even care about anything anyone else is doing. That makeup, the hair, everything: Flawless. Here, the beauty breakdown for the stunning actress’ hair and nails. 


Lupita’s hair was done by celebrity stylist Larry Sims. Larry started Lupita’s glam look by liberally applying Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Curl-Licious Mist to refresh and reactivate her natural curls. Next, Larry used a rat tail comb to insert a dramatic deep side part on the right side of her head. He then took the part back to the crown of Lupita’s head and combed her hair to each side. After the dramatic part was put in place, Larry then used Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Butter Bouncin’ to hydrate Lupita’s hair to give it an easy moldable texture. For a finishing touch, Larry used got2b 2sexy voluptuous volume hairspray to keep her tresses in place through a long night of Golden Globe after parties.


Deborah Lippmann tended to the tips of Miss Lupita. To treat the hands, Deborah:

Exfoliated hands with deborah lippmann Cuticle Remover. She then rehydrated nail beds with deborah lippmann Cuticle Oil ($20) complete with jojoba and coconut oils and protecting vitamin E. Deborah nourished Lupita’s hands with Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream ($28) and NEW The Cure ultra-nourishing cuticle lotion. Finally, Deborah finished by applying Cuticle Oil over the entire hand for a luxe treatment and repair.

As for color, first, Deborah applied a layer of Gel Lab Base Coat to make the polish last twice as long as a traditional polish, without harsh gel lights. Deborah applied one coat of Naked ($17), a sheer clean bare beige lacquer. Then, Deborah applied a second coat of Diamonds And Pearls ($17), an iridescent fresh water pearl sheer shimmer.  To complete, Deborah used on layer of Gel Lab Top Coat.

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