Soap & Glory’s Back In The States!

Brit brand and brain child of the storied Marcia Kilgore (founder of Bliss, as well) Soap & Glory is back in all of its sassy copywriting (we share a love of puns) and gorgeous retro packaging glory on this side of the pond, specifically, at  Read on…

I’m loving the easy-to-travel-with Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream, which I like to use for touch-ups throughout the day patted onto my concealer so ensure no cakiness ensues. It’s $30 and glides on easily and absorbs in nanoseconds. When I rock it, I feel younger than Elle Fanning. And evidently I look it–I was set up via Grouper, a service that matches you with a date based on your Facebook profile and then you bring two friends, as does your date. At best, it’s a love connection. At worst, it’s a night out with your friends and three randos. My FB page doesn’t include the year I was born so these guys were 5-8 years younger. I was annoyed and then realized–my skin care is WORKING. Anyway.

There are a ton of other skin care, bath/body and makeup items, as well. Check the full range here.

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