Low Maintenance No More: Beautilizing my Weekend Time

Dolls, moving had made me a very low maintenance, non-glamorous version of myself. You can imagine how happy this made me (not at ALL is the answer). Because weeks of packing and then unpacking had rendered my manicures crapicures, I’d finally had to throw in the towel and go au natural. I think the only person who enjoys that less than I is my gal Michelle.

This weekend, I dedicated a large portion of my time for beautifying my lifestyle. First on the list was a DIY mani/pedi with my new fave spring shade, CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in Orange Fizz. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so obsessed with a hue that I wanted it on my tips AND my toes, but this one is worth it. It’s the love child of creamsicle and peach in a glossy, opaque, creamy texture. My toes think they should be on the beach instead of on 23rd Street.

Yesterday, I headed over for my favorite diamond-in-the-rough stylist Matthew James at Sam Brocato to cut my hair for an economical $85. His blow-outs are the best. Even Sam’s (the owner of the salon) wife Holly agrees. She came by to say hi while I was there and informed me that he’d done her mane, which looked quite fab and voloisturized. She also told me she’d gotten some extensions woven in simply for color. Great idea, n’est-ce pas?

Sam has some fantastic new products for curly hair, FYI. He sent me home with some of his sulfate-free (always! None of his prods have sulfates!) Curlkarma Curl Energizing Cream ($15). He also has a corresponding Curlkarma Shampoo and Conditioner that I can’t wait to try as the weather gets warmer and I begin my straightening embargo.

Lastly, I took advantage of living solo and self-tanned after I’d exfoliated. I used a tip from my pal Dina: I slathered on the scrub before turning on the water in the shower, rubbed it in well, and THEN turned on the shower and rinsed off pre-cleansing. This ensures velvety-smooth skin as you aren’t negating the whole process by having the product rinse off in the stream before it does its job. Genius. Now, I’ve done that with my facial scrubs, but never with my body versions. Do try it out; you’ll love love love. I reaquainted myself with an old fave, Borghese Sali Esfoliante Salt Scrub ($38).

Oh, AND. Get excited for Finest Hour Week, starting manana! Finest Hour Week was named after this pivotal scene in one of my fave ’80s movies, Teen Witch.

Obviously, the finest hour I’m referencing is my favorite thing in the universe, PROMS. Click here and here for last year’s prom articles. P.S. Teens, do you have questions? Send them to me stat, and I’ll do my best to get them answered this week! I’ll be sharing makeup and hair tips for the biggest of big days. Is it weird that I’m 28 and I adore a prom but couldn’t give a fig about weddings?

Parenthetically, did you catch Brad Powell (Dan Gauthier IRL) from Teen Witch in LOST this season? He played Lapidus’ ill-fated Ajira Airways co-pilot.

See you Monday for Finest Hour Week!

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