Official Mascara Correspondent: Sorme Extreme Volumizing Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci tests out Sorme Extreme Volumizing Mascara ($16). How does she fare? Read on and find out…

I was excited to try this mascara as soon as I opened the tube. I could literally hear the moisture in the product as the brush suctioned through the brush scraping/product-evening mechanism at the opening of the tube. The long spiral natural bristled brush holds onto a ton of product, so you’re able to spread it from corner to corner. The brush allowed for tons of control and play with the first application.

 Coat two was great for major root density, but when working it through the tips, it got a bit square. The product built too much, making tapered tips impossible. I loved the midday touch-up because the wet formula clung really well to the slightly dryer effect my lashes took on throughout the day. My lashes almost looked like falsies!

 To top it all off, it washed off easily with soap and water. This is one of my recent favorites and I’d def recommend you buy this one!
Ashleigh Ciucci

Buy Sorme Extreme Volumizing Mascara here.

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