TESTED: The Estee Edit The Edgiest Up and Out Double Mascara

Estee Lauder’s younger diffusion line does a really great job at offering multi-functional products that are easy to use and buildable.  I love the idea of a double-ended mascara like The Estee Edit The Edgiest Up And Out Double Mascara because as we all know, so much about what makes a mascara unique is its brush.
the-edgiest-up-out-double-ended-mascaraThis mascara offers a traditional Christmas-tree shape with soft bristles on one end and a small rubbery brush on the other.  When testing this, I tried all the different application options and before I list their payoff, a note on the formula: it’s inky+wet and while not waterproof, it’s super long-wearing and requires eyemakeup remover to remove all traces.  It’s easy to build without getting too clumpy.
Christmas-tree brush only: One coat is soft and lengthened with subtle volume. two coats amp up the volume but the length is subtle.
Small rubbery brush only: One coat is super defined with subtle grouping of lashes. two coats can get a bit heavy so be careful not to overdo it.
Christmas-tree first followed by small rubbery brush: By going in for second coat with rubbery brush, you build up a lot more product and you’re able to sculpt your lashes for major depth and drama.  it’s easier to add length here too.
Rubbery brush first followed by Christmas-tree brush: you have to immediately apply the second coat eye by eye (meaning don’t let coat one dry.) by going in with the soft brush while the formula is still wet, you’re able to fan out all the density you’ve built with the rubbery brush.  you get really voluminous and long lashes *my fave option!*
This is a really fun mascara to play around with, buy it!

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