Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Says This Mascara Is An Affordable Every Day Option

In this installment of Official Mascara Correspondent, Ashleigh tests out Physicians Formula Lash Contortionist Mascara. Here, the verdict, in her own words.
Packaging: A
The name of the mascara lends to the shape of the tube: this shiny black tube twists and spirals in the middle. The handle is square where you hold it which is ergonomically sound.
Brush: A
This appears to be a classic football shape with short firm bristles but it has a twisty sprial to it like the tube. The wells of the spiral hold a ton of product.
Formula: C
The product grips really easily to the lashes and while this is a good thing, it actually leads to clumping at the roots. The brush allowed me to work the product evenly but I had to be careful because the clumping happens quite often.
Play-Time: C
Related to the formula, the play-time would hit under a minute.  You need to work quickly before it dries+clumps too much.
Overall Effect: B
Even though it took a little work, I have some nice clumping happening which leads to dense roots. Shockingly the tips were tapered and soft.
Touch-ups: A
My lashes were still soft pre-happy hour and despite the shaky formula quality, I was able to get a false-lash effect with a little root boost.  And the tips still stayed soft!
Removal: A
No eye makeup remover needed here, just soap and water.
While the application takes a little work, the look is above average.  Not a groundbreaking mascara to write home about but it’s an affordable everyday option.
—Ashleigh Ciucci

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