Kate Middleton Marries Prince William In A Sarah Burton For Alexander McQueen Dress

Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Ladies, I couldn’t do the 4am thing, but guess who donned a hat and watched at 8am drinking tea and having a biscuit?

I thought she looked beautiful in the stunning gown which features a long veil, with lace covering Kate’s bare arms and shoulders. Isn’t there a slight nod to Grace Kelly? I think she NAILED it with this dress.

That’s a 1936 Cartier tiara. Credit: Getty.

Kate Middleton also reportedly did her own makeup. Can you even? I freaked out when my friend Allison wanted ME to do hers for a small wedding in Kansas. YOUR OWN MAKEUP TO MARRY A PRINCE. I wouldn’t do my own makeup to shoot a video. That said, makeup artist Arabella Preston taught her how to do it, and she did do a lovely job. Her eye makeup was a bit more dramatic than usual and looked very pretty.  Her hair? Half up, half down, by stylist Richard Ward.

Prince William looked dapper after an evening of greeting guests, leaning into them warmly, very much in the manner of Diana. That man is his mother’s daughter. And Prince Harry. Let’s just say I love me some spicy ginger.

Did you wake up to watch the wedding? Tell me EVERYTHING. Go.

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6 Comments Kate Middleton Marries Prince William In A Sarah Burton For Alexander McQueen Dress

  1. Anonymous

    The wedding was lovely. Catherine looked glorious, although I think Grace Kelly’s wedding gown is still the ultimate in regal elegance.

    And by the way, I’m sure you meant William is his mother’s son, not daughter, but point well taken.

  2. mamavalveeta03

    She is just a very classy, confident young woman. JUST what the royal family needs, IMO! And I loved her dress (very Grace Kelly!!)& her makeup was perfect for TV. Now, I just hope the media leaves them alone for awhile.

  3. Anonymous

    They are a beautiful couple. The ceremony was impeccable. Royal and lovely at the same time. Very touching.

  4. Anonymous

    Ah me too! Drinking tea and having myself a homemade royal iced cupcake at 8am =) the wedding was just magical and the dress – beautiful. Sarah did an amazing job <3

  5. aly

    amber, i have yet to GO TO SLEEP. i’ve been glued to the TV in a tiara with tissues. I have decided I must marry a prince. And ride in a chariot. But not do my own makeup. (Though she did an amazing job!)


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