The Secret To Perfect French-Girl Perfume Application

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At last week’s launch for Chloé’s new Love Story scent ($130 at Sephora), face of the fragrance, Clémence Poésy, nailed the nonchalant French thing everyone’s desperately seeking harder than Susan. She wore a white gossamer top from the brand paired with black jeans and distressed boots in sub-arctic weather, instantly making me question my commitment to staving off cold and flu season in my cute but boring series of sweater dresses. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall during a discussion these fabulous French femmes have about how hard American women are trying to nail down their perfectly executed je ne sais quoi?

Over La Durée macarons, the actress-model shared that her favorite spot to apply perfume is onto her scarves for a soupçon of scent. Scarves and perfume, two things more French than 1789, no? I’ve been spritzing my personalized Chloé Love Story, which boasts a blend of neroli, jasmine and cedarwood and feeling VERY Jules of Jules Et Jim.

Didn’t she have the most epic love story of all?

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