LUST: JCrew Haya Bead And Sequin Sweatshirt

So my friend Amber and I USED to get bombed going to happy hours and the like. But now, since Amber’s with-child, we do civilized things like meet mid-day for lunch near her Wall Street gig at South Street Seaport and dip into J.Crew for civilized wares. Read on…

Well, I try to like civilized wares, but of course, I gravitated toward the AMAZING epic JCrew Haya Bead and Sequin Sweatshirt you see above. It’s EVERYTHING. I want it so badly. But this story gets sad. Because it’s $150. And I just can’t rationalize that amount for a sparkly sweatshirt. $100, ok. But not $150. Dejected, I bought myself a deeply glossy patent skinny belt in a delightfully vintage ’50s blue for $30. Which helped.

But it WAS sort of like eating a hard-boiled egg when you really want truffle fries dipped in this spicy ketchup from Whole Foods Moshida Man got me hooked on. In other words, I’m probably going to have to get that sweatshirt this weekend.

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