Jennifer Aniston By Jennifer Aniston Review

Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston perfume boasts a lovely, subtle honeysuckle vibe. It’s a great way to partake in the Pantone color of 2011 if you’re not quite ready to go the actual color route. Which is a bit Elle Woods for me, personally. For the full fragrance review, read on…

Jennifer Aniston KNOWS beauty. One could certainly argue there are elements of every celebrity in his or her scent. Jennifer Aniston is an impeccably groomed gal with a fresh and clean sensibility so it’s no surprise that her signature scent reflects that. It’s truly the olfactory equivalent of Jennifer’s oft-rocked pretty black red carpet dress. How so? It’s widely received as lovely, certainly sophisticated, and yet eons from risky or edgy. It’s got a smidge of sexy, but is in its heart a well done soaptacular floral.You’ll want to bring it on your summer vacas, for sure.

Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston retails starting at $39 for 1oz. at Sephora and Tell me: Will you try this one out?

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  1. Fifi42@Salon

    Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston. She is a beauty with a statement of her own. Lovely smokey eyes,beautiful lips and a vavavoom body.. What more can we say? Nothing. As a matter of fact, I got her scent and I adore it.


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