Popthatzit.com: File Under SERIOUSLY?

Guys, ew.

There’s an entirely vulgar site called popthatzit.com (by the way, it offers ZERO help in the way of addressing problem skin) that actually makes me sort of dry heave. It features people so fascinated by zits, they actually have to suppress the urge to pop OTHER PEOPLE’s in public.

It all makes me feel very “get off my lawn,” but I’m aghast about this subculture who want nothing more than to search videos of zits popping on the interwebs. Are you a secret zitaphile? Do you know one? Share.

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3 Comments Popthatzit.com: File Under SERIOUSLY?

  1. eden_landers

    Ewwww. My mom used to want to squeeze the gunk out of my pores, then I realized all that was making my pores look GIGANTIC so, i dont let her come near them ANYMORE :P…now that I think about it I have no idea why it bothered her so much, I would NEVER squeeze anyone elses zits, ick!


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