The Unexpected ZIT Culprit You’re Likely Using

That bear’s cute, but he wants to FUCK UP your skin care game.

Guys, I’m conducting interviews on a skin care article for a freelance client and stumbled on this wild bit of wisdom from Dermalogica‘s Director of Global Education Annet King, a veritable wizard of skin care. She says one of the best ways to avoid breakouts is to nix fabric softener. Says Annet, “Beef lard and fragrance are the main ingredients and they’ll coat your skin, causing breakouts. Try changing your pillowcase daily to further eliminate skin-clogging bacteria and dead skin cells.” I’m SO GUILTY OF THIS. I do change my pillowcase every couple days, but why BOTHER when its ridden with BEEF FAT? EW. Read on…

Remember the old Solo commercials? Well, dolls, for your sheets and pillowcases especially, FORGET to add the fabric softener. On purpose.

Are you going to heed this advice? (I am).

And in the meantime, I’m clearing up existing fabric softener-related acne with Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, a non-irritating formula that unplugs pores while I sleep (on my beef-free pillowcase) without providing too much moisture, nor vacuumlike drying. Love. It’s $45 at

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