Forget The Tiger Woods Affairs Voicemail and Buy Your Man a Gift

Dolls, though you may be wildly put off by the Tiger Woods saga, restore your faith in men by remembering that some are deserving of a good gift. Search out the Tiger Woods affairs voicemail thing later. It’s holiday time, so let’s be festive, mmkay?

Any man (probably even Tiger) would be lucky to be on the receiving end of Origins Man’s Best Friends gift set ($38). This kit (good for any dude in your lifestyle who shaves) includes four products to keep facial hair at bay. My personal belief is that the only men who really rock that facial hair are my dad and Alex Trebek. Dudes I’m dating? I like them to at least limit it to scruff. This kit contains the following beard busters:

  • Blade Runner Energizing shave cream in both 5 fl. oz and 1.7 fl. oz (EXCELLENT BT dubs, for legs–you may be enticed to try it for yourself)
  • Fire Fighter aftershave to eliminate the burn in both 5 fl. oz. and 1.7 fl. oz.

How convenient that one kit contains everything you need for home AND travel in one breezy package? And at $38, you’ll want to snap one up for your boss, your cousin and your brother.

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