Hair Rehab: PureOlogy Essential Repair System

Celebs have Promises, your follicles have the Pureology Essential Repair System. First off, let me just say that PureOlogy is TRULY one of the best hair care brands there is. They are pioneers in the zero sulfate space (I shudder when I have to deign to allow a sulfate near my strands and it’s all thanks to PureOlogy), and every single product I’ve tried makes my hair GLEAM with health.

Their EssentialRepair collection is no exception. It was created for overprocessed, damaged, fragile and highly-sensitized color-treated hair. Ingredients include soymilk and concentrated dose of pure biotin help fortify hair while organic botanicals of nurturing olive oil and chamomile restore softness and shine. The ZeroSulfate® shampoo and AntiFadeComplex® maximize colour retention.

The lineup of products includes:

EssentialRepair Shampoo: Renew strength and help repair and fortify against damage while protecting colour vibrancy with this concentrated and gently cleansing ZeroSulfate® shampoo.
EssentialRepair HairCondition: Deeply nourish distressed hair, renew moisture, and fortify against damage while protecting color vibrancy. Intensely strengthens and helps rebuild hair. This conditioner is so fab, you can actually rub it onto your hands and use it as LOTION. It’s completely nonsticky and snells like a dream.
EssentialRepair SplitEnd CorrectingTreatment: Intensively nourish distressed hair and seal split ends while protecting colour vibrancy. Delivers high-performance thermal protection and defense against split ends from mid-length to ends.
EssentialRepair ColourMax®: Fortify and help repair distressed hair while delivering extra color protection and radiant shine. Lightweight spray contains UV filters to help defend against color-fading and free radical damage. This is a reincarnated version of a PureOlogy product from the days of yore called simply PureOlogy ColourMax, which I reviewed here.
EssentialRepair InstantRepair®: Reinforce distressed hair and fortify against damage while protecting colour vibrancy. Lightweight leave-in conditioner renews strength and manageability. This works especially well on wash and wear waves and curls.
EssentialRepair RestorativeHairMasque: Nourish distressed hair, renew moisture, and fortify against damage while protecting color vibrancy. Deeply reparative treatment strengthens and helps rebuild hair.

Each product in the EssentialRepair line helps rehabilitate strands back to SERIOUSLY shiny health. Obviously, it’s no substitute for a haircut. But it is the next best thing. Hands to pearls.

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