A Supplement That Will Help Your Hair Grow Long

I didn’t see you there because I was busy looking at the back of my hair growing PAST MY BRA STRAP in the mirror. This is my new favorite activity since my hair’s grown an amazing 3-4 inches since the end of August. This is unprecidented hair growth for my mane, which likes to call it quits a little past my collarbones. What do I have to thank for this Alicia Silverstone circa Aerosmith’s Crazy video? A little pill (doll!) called Selenium.
Or as I like to call it, Selenium Dion. I first learned about this vitamin’s hair growth helping potensh from hairstylist Gary at the epic IT&LY HAIRFASHION awards show I attended in Vegas last month as a VIP guest. In fact, I’ve rewritten one of its namesake, Celine Dion‘s, signature songs to express my feelings about this wonder supplement. 
Every night before my dreams
I see you. I ingest you.
That is how I know you have strength.

Far across the distance
And spaces between you and my bra strappppp
You have come to show you aid with my length.

Near, far, wherever you are (in my medicine cabinet usuallllly)
I believe that my hair will grow long
Once more I open the jar
And you're here in my follicles
And my hair will grow on and on

Selenium is sold at drugstores everywhere. Take one nightly and you'll see a 
difference within mere weeks. P to the S: No obnoxious 
side-effects like steroid-level nail growth, 
nor having to shave your legs approximately every 30 seconds. 
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9 Comments A Supplement That Will Help Your Hair Grow Long

  1. Heather Holly

    Ahhh! Loved that video! I have been wanting to take a hair and after researching a bunch of different ones ( and reading comments and reviews) I decided on keratin vitamins from a company called Nourage. They are working pretty quickly. Love your blog =)

  2. Shen Min Reviews

    Great post! Selenium gives great results. I also like taking a hair supplement that has selenium, biotin, and other vitamins in it too, so the hair is getting a lot of different nutrients at the same time.

  3. beauty bets

    OMG I am dying here! You so clever.

    Also, I’m staring at my bottle of Hair, Skin, Nail supplements that made me break out like a MOTHER and since they contain very little selenium I can only assume the active ingredient is Biotin. If you are ever come across that RUN FOR THE HILLS, RAPUNZEL.

  4. Courtney

    For real? That is awesome! I will so try this.

    Hope you don’t mind I pointed my friends to this post of yours on my blog. I know they will be interested!!


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