Get Glam Gams with the New Gillette Venus Embrace

Gillette‘s multi-bladed wonders have spawned many a parody, but the brand has truly cornered the stubble-eradicating market.

The second iteration of Gillette’s Venus Embrace has upped the ante to help you achieve the closest shave possible whilst minimizing the probability of nicks and cuts with the help of the product’s moisture ribbons on the razor cartridge. Since I starting shaving at age 12 (I think), I’d say I cut myself about 70% of the time. Not anymore, thanks to the Venus Embrace’s soft grip handle for serious control. As I’ve said before, the Venus Embrace “corners like it’s on rails,” in the words of Pretty Woman‘s Vivienne Ward. Ladies, I spent years shaving with a men’s razor and only recently begun to realize how much EASIER it is to use a razor designed for LEGS as opposed to FACES. File that under “totally obvious, but took years to learn.”

The set comes with a shower pod that houses the razor and two refillable cartridges. Somehow it won’t stick for long on my marble shower wall, but since that’s my only beef with it, I think we’re doing pretty well. I’m looking forward to using mine on a more regular basis come spring. Spring, did you hear that? I promise to shave more if you EVER arrive.


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