Gossip Girl Star Blake Lively Loves Make Up For Ever

The cast and artists of Gossip Girl love MAKE UP FOR EVER for its ability look great during long hours of filming and on high definition cameras.

Blake Lively was ‘spotted’ on set applying her must-have lip gloss Glossy Full Couleur #6.

Joanna Garcia (of Reba and Privileged fame) who has a guest role on Gossip Girl this season swears by HD Invisible Cover Foundation #155.

Hilary Duff, new to the show this season, has been a fan of Kohl Pencil #1k since her music tour days.

Amy Tagliamonti, key make up artist of Gossip Girl and the secret behind the casts’ beauty can’t get enough of HD Complexion. She has a basket of HD Invisible Cover Foundation that she keeps by her side at all times and uses on everyone on set. In addition, her new favorite is HD Invisible Cover Concealer which she says “”covers, but it’s not heavy and doesn’t cake.”

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