All Night Long Red Lips

Dolls, the title is clearly to be sung in full Lionel Richie fashion. So my Amanda costume was a hit, but alas, despite my wearing a headset and creating a Mode Magazine employee ID with a picture saying AMANDA TANEN, people thought I was Britney. Here’s a photo of the ‘tume, posing with my friends E (dressed as a WASPy tennis player) and L (dressed as The Walk of Shame):

Here’s the full ‘tume:

No matter whom I dress as, people always think I’m Britney. Except of course in 2002, when I WAS dressing as Britney and no one knew who I was supposed to be. Here’s a quick outline of my Halloween costumes from the last five years:

Costume: Britney circa Crossroads
Who people assumed I was: A hippie

Costume: Penny Lane (was supposed to be MK and Ashley Olsen in NY Minute with former roommate J, but she got sick and couldn’t dress as MK at the last minute)
Who people assumed I was: Britney, but a lot of people got the Penny Lane thing

Costume: Cheerleader
Who people assumed I was: a cheerleader. Yay! I also started a five minute relash that night with a dude dressed as Lumberg from Office Space. Hilar.

Costume: Kristen Cavalleri
Who people assumed I was: Britney

Costume: Brigitte Bardot
Who people assumed I was: Britney or Kristen Cavalleri!

I mean, what is that? 1. Britney is inching toward the city limits of Grossville these days. 2. Yes, I can’t wait for her to make a REAL comeback and be all, “you’re welcome,” but that has yet to occur. 3. That’s it for my Halloween tangent. So I purchased several months ago, an Eyeko’s Lip Pen 5 (red) at Ulta and hadn’t used it until last night, when I obv wanted red lips that could withstand 5 vodka/clubs. I also used the pen to create a heart tattoo for my roommate C who dressed as Amy Winehouse. P.S. 15 hours later, my lips are still red, and so is C’s heart tattoo. Okay? Love the Japanese inspired packaging as well. Get some at Ulta, stat.

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  1. All Lacquered Up

    I just had to comment on your friend’s “one night stand” costume. I was watching Wendy Williams last night (don’t even say it, I KNOW!) and Katie Lee (formerly Joel) was talking about how that was her costume last year. Talk about simple but fun. I can’t tell from the pic, did your friend mess up her eye makeup to look all “morning after”


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