Indie Brand Rec: Nettiescrub Lemon Body Buff

I feel the same way about restaurants as I do about body scrubs: It all depends on the right amount of oil. Good restaurants get the ratio EXACTLY right. The not-so-good ones use either too little or too much in varying amounts. The more over/under, the worse the establishment. The chef of my favorite restaurants, Marseille, should be hailed an oilologist. Their food is delightfully on the mark.

A great body scrub manages to look and feel like powdery granules with no runny oil to speak of UNTIL you apply it and realize its formula boasts just the right amount of slipperiness to adhere the granules together and let it slough against your skin without pulling it too hard.

Nettiescrub products, which founder Nettie Davis claim “may cause frequent flirting,” are whimsically natural, yet effective. Her Nettiescrub Body Buff in Lemon ($12) does this flawlessly AND while yielding a delightful tart lemon meringue scent. This dream exfoliant contains pure lemon essential oil to stimulate the brain while it disinfects skin with its natural antibiotic properties. Check out the complete list of pronounceable ingredients: sugar, soy bean oil, grape seed oil, lemon essential oil, organic aloe water, jojoba oil, spearmint oil, organic acai oil, organic olive oil, grapefruit essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and grapefruit seed extract. At $12, this one’s a steal.

Pour some sugar on YOU. In the name of love.

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