Cosmetic Bag for Maximalists

I am not a minimalist. I pack far too much makeup when I vacation. I mean, what if I suddenly decide on a smoky eye moment? What if I waver and MUST have a lined eye à la Marilyn? I need to prepare for EVERY possible situation and the enormous Centennial Stripe Beauty Train Case ($65) from Henri Bendel caters to my every overpacking whim perfectly. I’m loving its durable vinyl casing and removable zippered cosmetic pouch. Also great for those girlfriend getaways when you know you’ll be recruited to do everyone’s makeup pre-going out. You can store colors for everyone – your dusky brunette friend, your preppy blonde pal, and your Jessica Rabbit redhead partner-in-crime.

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  1. Nicole

    P.S. I have to say thank you, because after reading one of your posts on Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner I have now found the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried. I just bought another one today, bronze shimmer, and I am in love! Thank you!

  2. Nicole

    I COMPLETELY relate to the over-packing when it comes to makeup. It can be pretty ridiculous, but you never know what you’ll feel like that day! This bag is so cute!


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