Come ON, Aussie.

I love Aussie products. In fact, they were the first hair care products this beauty junkie purchased herself. I spent a good portion of the 90s smelling of the grape juice-like scent of their Sprunch Spray. But when their new conditioner Opposites Attract Protect + Soften Conditioner arrived on my doorstep, I was kind of… disturbed by its marketing. You see, on the bottle, it says, “It’s the reason you’ve dated a chain of Mr. Wrongs. Now watch as healthy, touchable hair lures many Mr. Rights.” It’s clever, I’ll give them that. But I know that none of my relationships failed because of my hair. In the words of Bruno of Da Ali G Show, Ish don’t think so, Aussie.

That said, I have yet to try out this conditioner. I’ll let you know what I think once I do.

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