It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts.

Oh, dolls. I judged a book by its cover and I’m here to tell you that I was wrong. I did not dig the copywriting on Aussie’s new conditioner and I nearly dismissed it for solely that reason. But once I gave both the shampoo and the conditioner a whirl, I have to confess that they’re phenom AND a drugstore bargain at only $3 each.

Protect + Soften I tried this moisturizing shampoo out a few days later and found it to be foamy, cleansing, and adept at taming my frizzies. My highlighted hair absolutely drank in its hydrating ingredients and my hair looked smooth and calm (despite CRA humidity and the fact that I’m still WAY overdue for a haircut – I’m scheduled for one tomorrow morning, lest you worry!).

Opposites Attract This rich conditioner left my hair tangle-free and slightly slippery to the touch (without feeling heavy or weighed-down).

This combo is a cheap thrill that delivers, dolls!

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