Be a Red Hot Mama.

I hate bring your attention to a discontinued Essie color, but I must. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about it until after it was discontinued either. But it’s amazing and you NEED it as part of your repetoire. It’s called Red Hot Mama, from Essie’s Some Like it Hot collection from 2004. I lurve the high shine finish.

Luckily, you can still find some places that sell it online; I purchased my bottle on eBay. I was first introduced to the color by my friend Emaleah, who rocked it with a simple all black outfit and I was TOTALLY mesmerized by the hot pinked-redness that was her nails. Today, I’m rocking it with my new white HM blouse that is kind of more spring than winter, because I’m DYING to take a break from sweaters. Red Hot Mama is a vibrant medium blue-based pinky-red cream shade. To me, it’s more on the hot red side than hot pink. It’s INCREDIBLY gorgeous on. Neither of these pics do it justice. BTW, the second pic is of my hand. You can see my Word-of-the-Day and Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit Calendars in the background.

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