Throwback Thursday: Ethan Craft

By Julia Casella I can make Sex And The City references all day long. Same with The Office. I’m pretty good when it comes to recalling Gossip Girl=&3=&and I live for Kardashian quotes. However, despite watching the whole series growing up (and the movie), there is only one scene I remember from =&4=&and I think about it every time I shower.  You know how on the bottle it says ‘Lather, rinse, repeat?’ I don’t repeat. Was he on to something? Is the repeat just a (brilliant) marketing move? I’ve spent a decade of showers asking myself these very questions and only recently come to learn the truth: If it lathers, don’t repeat –the bubbles mean your hair is clean. If your hair doesn’t lather, then you repeat because the lack of lather is an indication of the oils on your scalp breaking down. I know this because whenever there is a foreseeable blowout in my future, I don’t wash my hair for up to a week before. One time I even went 10 days…. *pause for judgement* 
Anyway, it goes without saying that by the time I get to the salon my hair needs to be washed and, as the stylist always informs me, it needs to be washed twice. Um obviously it needs a double dose — it’s dirty! And that’s because I didn’t wash it all week, but your hair might be different; it can be dirty after a day or two because you use lots of products or have an oily scalp and that means you have to repeat, too.  The point is: you only repeat if your hair is dirty and your hair is dirty if you don’t see bubbles. So Ethan must have washed his hair every day, right?
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Throwback Thursday: Clairol True To Light Mirror

Yesterday, my San Francisco-based friend Michele, with whom I went to high school, came over post sushi dinner to check out my apartment. She instantly recognized my Clairol True-To-Light makeup mirror from the ’70s I had in high school.
Except it’s not the same one. My original boasted a three-way fold-over mirror situation and was inherited from my mother. People used to come over to my house when I was a teen and shift the lighting settings from home to outside to office. My current version does not boast the extra three-way business, but is the exact same model otherwise. I’d picked up my replacement at Mongomeryville, Pennsylvania thrift store Impact years after having to retire my original after the light bulbs burned out. It remains the ONLY makeup mirror I’ll ever use. Clairol, I implore you to make new versions of these. I just ordered a new three-way one on eBay to keep as insurance for when my current one burns out.

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Throwback Thursday: Jhirmack Bounce Back Beautiful Hair

I want you guys to know that EVERY Throwback Thursday, I look long and hard for the iconic Jhirmack bounce back beautiful hair commercial. The one where I really decided body is what my hair needs more than ANYTHING and ignited a life-long obsession with hair. But I look and look and find nothing but OTHER Jhirmack commercials and I end up posting some other (albeit meaningful) Throwback Thursday hair ad. 
This week, I’m paying homage to Jhirmack (wherefore art thou, Jhirmack?), even though it’s via another famous ad. This one’s about a shampoo for frequent aerobics-class takers, no doubt. Check it.

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Throwback Thursday Hair Care Ad: Wash ‘N Curl

Thanks to Tamar, for reminding me about this little gem. “My hair was straight–then Bill called!”

I mean, if Bill called in 2013, it would be entirely the opposite. Like, this morning post-Flywheel, my hair was a non-uniform curly. Then Bill called! So I went to Drybar for a blow-out.  Do you remember this commercial? 

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Throwback Thursday: Yoga To Combat The Sunday Blues

Intro By Julia Casella  Sometimes it’s hard to pick a favorite! My favorite movie, song, painting, book, family member ( yea I said that), and obviously, beauty product changes constantly. That’s why I can’t get a tattoo even though sometimes I really want one. But when it comes to picking my favorite BBJ article there is no doubt in my mind– it is and forever will be Fitness Blogging Junkie: Yoga to Combat the Sunday Blues.

I didn’t follow Amber’s advice ( sorry A!) and pick up yoga but I did have an Om moment: Amber and Angela Chase both understood my Sunday sentiments. If you’ve ever felt as if “there’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy 60 Minutes watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away” then read the post. Yoga is not everyone’s answer to fighting Sunday sentiments but Amber’s writing and clever so-called-life reference will inspire you to find your own. 

There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy 60 Minutes watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away.–Angela Chase

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