Calyx Returns Under Clinique’s Label

In the late ’90s, I worked at a salad place at the mall. That was the first and last time I worked with food. My favorite part of the day was when the Macy’s beauty counter ladies came over for a salad and I would accost the =&0=& sales associates with questions–mostly about Calyx and the suite of color-inspired fragrances the brand sold then (I was yellow). Discussing beauty at my patently non-beauty focused jobs is a recurring theme in my lifestyle. Anywho, they were not interested in discussing the ins and outs of =&1=&with me away from the counter, but I was obsessed and later bought several Px perfumes on my lunch break. Calyx was one of my first fragrance favorites. =&2=& showed up at my apartment with a press release last night. It was much like that part in =&3=&in the alternate universe where we see a marquee for=&4=& in addition to a present-day shot of Manhattan with the twin towers in the skyline. It’s all very the Alternate 1985, to reference =&5=& (meta!). =&6=&

Prescriptives Custom Blend Live Video Chat: Choose Your Own Foundation Destiny

=&0=&. At best, you’ll find something CLOSE to your natural skin tone. But why not identify something that MATCHES EXACTLY your natural skin tone? To paraphrase a famous philosopher we both know (Britney Spears), why not say “No thanks. I choose my own foundation destiny?” =&1=&=&2=&Blend=&4=& with the Prescriptives Beauty Genius offering.  The brand is the U.S. line to launch Live Video Chat/photo upload technology.
In the Live Video Chat service boasts a virtual counter where you can consult one-on-one in a Live Video Chat with Prescriptives Beauty Geniuses for personalized advice on skincare, makeup, and foundation, including the option to order the brand’s signature Custom

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Official Mascara Correspondent: Prescriptives False Eyelashes Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci takes Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush Mascara for a test drive. How does she fare? Read her review, in Ashleigh’s words.

Prescriptives is back! After a short blip off the radar, Prescriptives is back on the scene. While the line has leaned more towards the clean and fresh, their False Eyelashes Mascara is a step towards the dramatic.

 The medium tapered brush holds a nice amount of product, giving soft full coverage to each lash. The second coat was a bit dry but provided rich depth at the roots and tapered tips. Throughout the day, the formula softened a bit so I was able to dig right in with my afternoon touch-up. While not super-falsie-looking, my lashes had good color and fullness.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback: Prescriptives Is Back

Remember way back in 2009 when Prescriptives sadly closed its counters? In a very The Vampire Diaries way (seriously, everyone gets stabbed on that show and no one ever dies), it’s back in action online only at And I couldn’t be more elated. Read on…
There’s a special place in my heart for the amazing range featuring custom blends (which you can get if you still have your formulas, by the by). Prescriptives was my first foray into department store brands after dipping my toe into Clinique after years and years of Bonne Bell. My first lipstick EVER was one of their purple ones for my semi-formal in 1995. It matched perfectly my hideous satin Zum Zum dress. I always loved starting conversations about my Prescriptives lipstick with “Medically speaking…” as I’d decided the word Prescriptives sounded too medical not to capitalize on that. I also knew it’d be the only time in my life I’d start any sentence with “medically speaking.”

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Mani Of The Mo': Salon AKS’ The Right Red

There’s nothing like a custom blend (RIP, Prescriptives). Custom blended nail polish has thrilled the S out of me since I first read The Devil Wears Prada when I first moved to NYC in 2002 and promptly polished ONLY with Essie Ballet Slippers, then Essie Marshmallow. Ballet Slippers went on first, obv. Find out how to get that shade at the left!

Now my nail cocktail of choice is a hot pinked-out red hue the talon-ted nail techs at beauty sanctuary Salon AKS came up with called The Right Red. The bright shade combines Essie Plumberry and Essie Trombone polishes.

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It Must Have Been Love: Three Prescriptives Items To Snag NOW

A few weeks ago, I broke the news that one of my longtime fave beauty brands, Prescriptives, will be exiting stage left come January 2010. To fully encapsulate my feelings, I must quote the sage words of Roxette: It Must Have Been Love, But It’s Over Now.

This January (on what will OBVIOUSLY be a hard winter’s day), I’ll feel very Vivienne in the car on her way from Edward’s in Pretty Woman. I mean, can you think of a pop culture scene more apropos? So in the meantime, during the couple of months you and Prescriptives still have together, I suggest you pick up the following fave items of mine.

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Estee Lauder to Close Prescriptives

This just in from WWD: Estee Lauder will shutter Prescriptives. I’ve loved the brand since I first started applying makeup in the early ’90s. My first lipstick was one of their purple ones for my semi-formal in 1995. It matched my hideous satin Zum Zum dress. RIP, Prescriptives. I’ll miss your custom blends the most.

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Prescriptives’ Fall 2009 "Well-suited" Color Collection

Prescriptives’ new Well-suited Collection for fall 2009 brings some much-needed formality to the current anything goes/beachy summer vibe we’ve been enjoying.

Tailored menswear-inspired looks are showing up in many fall fashion collections. Prescriptives supports this dramatic statement with Well-Suited, a Fall Color Collection that translates this edgy, yet feminine style into a range of sophisticated shades from tweedy browns to silky purples.

Well-Suited Eye Color Compact ($40)

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The Eleventh Hour Gift: Prescriptives All Year Bronze Set

Waiting till the last possible minute to do your holiday shopping? Well you’re in luck, dolls, because here’s a quick and easy limited edition gift that’s sure to please from Prescriptives. This set is a fantastic deal for $40 (it’s a $63 value) and includes a Sunsheen Bronzing Trio in Medium, Tint Balm in Caramel, Colorscope Creamy Eye Color in Rose Dust, and a travel-size Powder Brush. So if the financial apocalypse won’t allow your intended recipient a winter trip to the Caribbean to premiere her resortwear, at least she can still look as if she spent a sunny week somewhere.

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