Calyx Returns Under Clinique’s Label

In the late ’90s, I worked at a salad place at the mall. That was the first and last time I worked with food. My favorite part of the day was when the Macy’s beauty counter ladies came over for a salad and I would accost the =&0=& sales associates with questions–mostly about Calyx and the suite of color-inspired fragrances the brand sold then (I was yellow). Discussing beauty at my patently non-beauty focused jobs is a recurring theme in my lifestyle. Anywho, they were not interested in discussing the ins and outs of =&1=&with me away from the counter, but I was obsessed and later bought several Px perfumes on my lunch break. Calyx was one of my first fragrance favorites. =&2=& showed up at my apartment with a press release last night. It was much like that part in =&3=&in the alternate universe where we see a marquee for=&4=& in addition to a present-day shot of Manhattan with the twin towers in the skyline. It’s all very the Alternate 1985, to reference =&5=& (meta!). =&6=&