Bless Me Cosmetics: A Touch of Nature

This post was produced in collaboration with Bless Me Cosmetics

Straight from a film set to your makeup bag! 

Bless Me Cosmetics was created for women like you —active, ambitious, who know their worth, but are looking for proven and immediate solutions. We all deal with stress, life in the fast lane, and diets that may or may not be healthy. This can lead to our barely recognizing our reflection in the mirror. Wrinkles, imperfections, gray and sallow skin is the price we pay for living life in a hurry.

Bless Me cosmetics was born from founder Aneta Kolendo-Borowska’s experience on the most demanding film sets. This served as the best inspiration for the creation of a multifunctional cosmetic. Over the last 25 years, Aneta worked a makeup artist for film and theatre, in addition to serving as an expert for various prominent cosmetics companies. Having encountered every imaginable skin-related problem, she knows the important role skin plays in our daily and professional lives — how they may embarrass, or prevent one from spreading her wings.

Less is more. The main problem we cause to our skin is an excessive amount of mismatched preparations infused with a number of chemical

substances, and a lack of education about the skin’s functioning. There is a need for quick and simple solutions. This was the inspiration for Bless Me Cosmetics whose message is tenderness, sensibility,  and listening to the needs of the skin, as natural beauty is of the highest value.

Is the holy grail of skincare possible? For many years I was looking for this — a product for countless problems with skin, a multifunctional cosmetic which I could use in various ways and which would be safe for every kind of skin.

The perfect cosmetic is a multifunctional cosmetic. After years of intensive search, a brightening serum Bless Me Saint Oil Skin & Makeup was created carefully for people Aneta worked with and with respect for the magical power of nature and tradition.  It’s based on natural components inspired by the gifts of the three kings: myrrh, frankincense, and gold. It is a multifunctional cosmetic that can keep pace with every modern woman and make the dream of body and soul – care come true. The gold in a small bottle with myrrh and frankincense functions as an elixir of youth. It relaxes, moisturizes, nourishes, and smoothes. It works on its own but also with your other makeup products — a cream or a foundation. 

The brand’s philosophy is centered on a respect for nature and self-love.

Why Bless Me Cosmetics?

1. Abundant, effective and multitasking formulas based on natural and organic components.

2. Immediate effects seen on the skin.

3. Perfect compositions accounting for lighting. 

4. The cosmetics tested on film sets and in airplanes, i.e. in the environments, the least favorable for the proper functioning of the skin.

5. Luxury in the form of glass containers.

6. Vegan-friendly

7. We do not use: parabens, glycols PEG/PPG, lanolin, paraffin, silicones, fragrances, substances in the form of nanoparticles, animal products, formaldehyde/formalin, ethanolamine MEA/DEA/TEA.

Internationalization of BlessMe is financed by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development from GO TO BRAND – Support in Promotion program.

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