A Non-Brunch Mimosa

I like to be the kind of girl with a signature scent. As previously mentioned, mine is Burberry Classic. I enjoy having people report back to me that they stood behind someone in line who smelled like Fabulista. Of course, the annoying thing about being that kind of girl is that you can’t switch up your perfume. I try not to have a “summer scent”, but sometimes, you have to spice it up a bit and switch your aroma. I employ certain perfumes on rare occasions, and they are:
1. Dior Hypnotic Poison (but only in the winter)
2. Angel Innocence by Thierry Muegler
3. Pure Grace by Philosophy
4. Calypso Mimosa (only in the summer) – this one is SUCH a gem. First inhaled in the Hamptons in the summer of 2005 and purchased last summer at the W Hotel store (have you been? It’s the BEST). Smells faintly of grapefruit and musk. I ADORE it.

2 Comments A Non-Brunch Mimosa

  1. fabulista1

    I just learned of this parfum! Thanks, P! Have a beautiful May day! I’ll have to let you know how the parfum goes when I try it. Do you own it?

  2. Parisjasmal

    Hi Doll!

    I love the Calypso Mimosa too. Did you know they just recently released a version in parfum? SWOON! It is so much better than the EDT. It is richer and fuller and laced with more buttery, sunny, mimosa-y goodness.

    Have a beautiful day !


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