The World Is A Stage: May 2018

American author, Chuck Klosterman, wrote: “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” This first installment of Rouge18’s “The World Is A Stage” series brings you all sorts of art you may fall in love with. There were several contenders for each of our categories—beauty, dance, music video, movie trailer, comedy, interview, and long form content—but only one winner could prevail for the month of May. Keep reading to find out who made the cut!

Beauty: Zane Hijazi makeover by Manny MUA

YouTube Beauty Guru Manny MUA gave Zane Hijazi, a vlogger who had never really worn makeup before, a full glam makeover. Watch the hilarious tutorial and the reactions Zane’s friends have to the reveal.

DanceI Am Human

Human is one of my favorite songs by Sevdaliza. The hypnotic quality of her voice is what makes the song so amazing and part of why this beautifully edited dance video is a perfect tribute to it.

Music Video: Charlemagne by Blossoms

This song is catchy and the camera work in this music video is so great you’ll want to watch it multiple times (I sure have).

Movie Trailer: “Dancer”, the Sergei Polunin Documentary

Sergei Polunin has been called both the most gifted male dance of his generation and the James Dean of the ballet world. This documentary chronicles the life, work, and tumult of legendary and controversial principle dancer Sergei Polunin. Though this documentary has long since been released, the trailer is in itself a work of art.

Comedy: Sephora v. MAC Employees

This video dramatizes the perceived differences in customer service at Sephora versus at MAC.

Interview: Dave Franco on the Tonight Show

I will watch any interview involving Dave Franco. His story-telling skills are top notch, and this Tonight Show interview is no exception. Let me just say this story involves an 80s themed surprise party and a weed cookie.

Long Form Content: Iyanla Has A Conversation About Colorism

Colorism, discrimination based on skin tone, is particularly detrimental because it is also within-group phenomenon. Iyanla of the Oprah Winfrey Network sits down with 6 black female celebrities who have been on both the giving and receiving end of colorism.

Obianuju Enworom


“The World Is A Stage” is a monthly series on Rouge18 highlighting art and performance of various sorts for your viewing pleasure.


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