Why You Need This Hand Treatment (Yes)

Well. Getting married… a tad busy or EXCEPTIONALLY STRESSFUL? I’d expect a weigh-in, but I’m positive of the answer. Sure, we know every bride should strive to look amazing on THE DAY (countless facials, military diets, practice spray tan sessions). But… does anyone talk about your hands? No. This part of your body is actually looked at and evaluated MORE during your engagement more so than ANY OTHER time in your life.


We know our nails should be phenomenally manicured at all times, but have we addressed the skin? Again… not at all. Sirot has been my recent lifesaver. The Sirot Night Hand Treatment’s amazing “glass like formula” has given my hands new elasticity, youth, and shine (hence, glass). It has the slightest scent, which if your not in to overbearing hand cream odors – is perfect for you! I love the slightest hint of sparkle as well (believe me, it’s so slight you need a microscope) many women including me, have searched for an amazing hand cream to put on at night and awake with Betty (not Freddie) beautiful hands.
—Sissy A.K.A. Melissa

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