The One Trick To Running It Took Me THREE YEARS To Learn



Inspired in 2013 by my friend Erika to take up running after seeing her success with the C25K program, I became a runner myself. I was so patently NOT prior to this. My only running experience consisted of the JV soccer team at Wissahickon High School in the ’90s (all four years, thanks). As a halfback, my most vivid memory is of the sensation of feeling as if someone poured pepper directly down my throat the whole time. Not cute for me. BUT, in three years, I’ve come a long way, running five times weekly for 20 minutes, broken up into to 10-minute increments. The secret I just learned, however, is that the runner’s high exists — but you have to run for at least a mile to to experience it. AND it’s less a high and more of an autopilot sensation — which, after running a mile +, is like a paid vacation. Get into it. Are you a runner? Share your tips with me in the comments.

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