Five Rules For Life: Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition

Yuli Ziv is wearing ALL THE HATS. This gal is an entrepreneur, founder of Style Coalition and Fashion 2.0 social media awards and social media expert. This Russian by way of Israel is one of my favorite hostesses, travel companions and all around people. There is nothing more fun than a tajine night hosted by her at StyleCoalition HQ where we take in one of the many crucial ’80s movies she missed growing up abroad (but her commitment to catching up is real and deep, friends) and her advice on everything from feng shui to men to travel to whether we think the Chicken Kiev at this Russian restaurant will be like my Russian grandmother’s or not is golden. So I sent her a formal invitation (she required one, love that Yuli) to participate in Five Rules for Life, so we can all benefit from her wisdom. Here are her rules, in her words.

1. Always know what you want, and if you don’t — go find out. 
This rule applies to relationships, work, life – everything you do. Knowing what you want puts you in a powerful position in life and attracts you to the right people who help you get there. If you are having a hard time finding what you want – just go and try things, which brings me to Rule #2.
2. Take yourself outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.
Whether it’s talking to strangers, skydiving or living in a foreign country — seek experiences that are new and have the potential of developing unique sides of your personality. You will never truly know yourself if you continue living the same life, in the same town with the same people. Plus it will give you so much material for small talks at parties and events!
3. Use experts to help you create the best version of yourself.
The reason I got so fascinated by fashion and beauty industries is they helped me change the perception about myself, and let me tell you it wasn’t just a psychological change. It took me years to find the tools calming my jew-fro, the products to cover my genetic under-eye lines and the shapewear that smoothes my inherited tummy. It’s not about trying to be pretty, it’s about using tools, products and tricks to create the best version of yourself, which will give you confidence. And these things sometimes require an expert.. While our friends and family are a great source for advise, when it comes to our appearance they don’t always tell the truth, or have the needed expertise.
4. Keep your close environment well balanced and pleasant to the eye. 
Even if you plan on living in your apartment just for a year, there is no excuse for spending that year as a victim of bad feng shui. I’m a big believer in objects, colors and spaces affecting not only our mood but our lives. If you are trying to attract love — see if your bedroom is well balanced on both ends and has a room for another person. If you feel drained from energy — perhaps it’s time to clean the clutter..

5. Make up your own theme nights for a catch up with friends.
While getting together to grab a dinner or drink is fun, nothing compares to creating a fun experience for your friends at your place. To give you ideas: I hosted tajine nights for my friends from a trip to Morocco, Russian Trivia nights accompanied by traditional dishes and Russian pop tunes and the most famous 80s chick flick nights (to fill my own pop-culture holes). Trust me, nothing compares to having few of your close girlfriends crying over Beaches in your living room!

Thanks, Yuli! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.

 “Five Rules” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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  1. Kristie

    I love a theme girls night! There’s nothing like it to bring giggles and joy into your life. When I lived in New Orleans, there was some reason to dress in a costume almost every weekend (or so it seemed). That kind of silliness keeps you young and full of life. Highly recommended.


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