The Acne Treatment You Haven’t Tried—Yet

How to get clear skin? I scored this tip from my gal Tamar (who scored it from facialist Joanna Vargas) years ago: Only use paper towels to dry your skin after washing your face. Yes, it’s not green. But you and your clear skin can recycle more and make an effort to use reusable bags. And know what’s also green? Not having to clog the earth with more empty bottles of acne treatments that don’t work in pursuit of something to take care of your problem skin.

Because here’s the thing: The towel you use to dry your entire body is clean enough to swab your dripping wet face with only after it’s been used to dry your body maybe once or twice. But admit it: You’ve been using it to wipe off excess hair styling products with. Your boyfriend or husband’s wiping his hands on it. And guests to your humble abode? Who KNOWS what they may be doing with your towel? Probably nothing crazy but heck, you don’t know. And the only way to ensure your face comes in contact with the least amount of bacteria is to use something fresh on it every time. I’ve kept a roll of clean paper towels under my sink for the past month after washing with my go-to, Epicuren Medicated Acne Cleanser and guess who skipped her usual monthly breakout? Moi.

Get involved.

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2 Comments The Acne Treatment You Haven’t Tried—Yet

  1. amoeji

    My green alternative: I buy clearance hand towels at Target (doesn’t matter the color/style as long as it’s cheap) and I keep a stack of them under my sink. Whenever I wash my face I use a new towel to dry my face. It’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly in the long run.

  2. Lara

    this is seriously such a great tip! i’m convinced that past breakouts have been from conditioner left behind on my “hair towel” that i was using to dry my face – gross!


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