Fictionary: Spin Cycle

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Whether you weren’t the backseat dryer you needed to be and endured a bad blow-out or you’re simply caught in a thrice-weekly spin cycle (yes, Rose Nyland and I are the last people on earth officially still saying “thrice”) of Flywheel, SoulCycle or whatever your official cult class may be, chances are, you’re forced to wash your hair more often than you’d like. But that fades your color and strips dry hair of much-needed moisture, so what’s a hair-minded gal to do?

Opt for a shampoo lite, like Leonor Greyl’s new Lait Lavant A La Banane, a gentle shampoo designed for everyday use so that your hair is still as gleamy and smooth as ever, even if you are (or have become) an everyday washer. It’s a low-lather milk incorporating banana to detangle, tea tree oil, protein to strengthen and hibiscus to add softness, volume, body and bounce to fine, limp and oily hair.  Best of all, it’s silicon- and sulfate-free.

Snag it here, $45.


How often do you wash your hair? Tell me in the comments. I’m a 3x a weeker, myself.


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