Rouge18 Needs Interns


I’m looking for a couple new beauty-savvy interns!

Maybe you could be my intern, and in turn. I’ll show you how I cook up summer, in the win-turr.

The position is unpaid, however, there are tons of gratis beauty treatments and products. This person will work remotely with occasional meetings and it’s only about 5-10 hours per week. The internship entails testing products, writing them up in reviews for the site, plus attending beauty product launch events during the day and at night, about 2-5 per week. You must be a college student based in NYC and have a strong interest in beauty, writing, science and pop culture.  Interested? Here’s how to apply.

1. Send me a review of your favorite beauty product (can be anything–something new, discontinued, not even sold in this country—whatever) incorporating a pop culture angle (a movie, song or television show–again, can be retro or current) in the best way you can. The tie-in should feel as organic as possible (so look for unlikely connections, if need be. Read up on R18 archives for a sense of the style). It should be as hilarious as possible. Making up words is encouraged. Aim for about 150-300 words, but more is okay if need be.
2. Tell me why you want this gig. Just a couple sentences will do.
3. Attach your resume.

Email it all to amber AT with R18 Intern in the subject line.

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