Getting Monoi-ical: The Only Monoi Products You Need Now


Monoï oil is an infused perfume-oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiaré flowers) in coconut oil. I normally don’t go for florals, but this scent transports you to a tropical island and makes you smell like a Tahitian princess. Amber first introduced it to me a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I buy bottles and bottles of it from Amazon but like any junkie, I started to look for it everywhere. Here is the scent is all the forms I found and approved:


Yves Rocher Monoi Eau des Vahines: This is the product that started this piece– I realized I could get my monoï fix in other forms. This has the distinctive smell I crave, but with a heavier floral presence.

Yves Rocher Lagoon Hair and Body Wash: Good thing this is $3 a bottle because I have been going through it like mad– it makes my whole shower smell like Tahiti, or at least what I imagine Tahiti to smell like.

Carols Daughter Monoï Serum: On the monoi scale this ranks around a 6, because while it smells like heaven, it doesn’t smell like monoï heaven. It also includes rose hip and kukui seed oils making it divine for your hair but only mild on the monoi scale.

And then the monoï jackpot can be found at Sephora. They have a:

Hand Wash 

Body Butter

Body Wash  

Body Scrub 

Bath and Shower Gel

Get them all — especially the hand wash.

What’s your favorite way to monoï?

—Julia Casella

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