The Nail Polish Problem You're Massively Overlooking

You may get a full-body skin check every year to keep an eye on anything suspicious and rule out Melanoma, but here’s something to keep in mind when you drop trou for your doc: Lose that mani, if only temporarily! And if you’re getting a gel mani, keep the timing in mind so that you can remove it before your appointment. Says Dr. Neal Schultz, “If your nails are covered when you have your skin cancer check, abnormal moles or even skin cancers of the nail bed will be hidden, which will delay their detection and early treatment. Melanoma under the nail is not uncommon and is very aggressive. It often spreads if not detected early.”

So always remove your polish, stickers, etc. before getting a skin check AND, if you know your nail tech by name, i.e.,  regularly have your nail polish removed and immediately reapplied by someone else, between removal and reapplication, look carefully at your nails to make sure there is no discoloration. “If you see something, say something. To your dermatologist. Immediately!” notes Dr. Schultz.

Are nails something you remember to keep au natural before your annual skin check?

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