NEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal

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Let’s talk about these amazing ever-so-glittery tinted balms from Maybelline, okay? First of all, KNOW that every 15 seconds, a Maybelline Baby Lips balm is sold. And that’s not an accident; these balms are everything. Come July, they’ve improved on stellar (literally and figuratively; there’s a starlike glow these leave behind). Introducing Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal, available in six shades. They’re under $5, they are translucent and leave just a hint of shimmer in their wake. J’adoring these. My verdict? VERY YES.

Beam of Blush
Gleaming Coral
Crystal Kiss
Mirrored Mauve
Pink Quartz
Twinkling Taupe

photo 1 (2)Per Maybelline makeup artist Yadim, they make great cream shadows and blushes, adding a little gossamer glow wherever you apply it.

Available next month at and at mass retailers nationwide.

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