How To Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Three Wedding Hairstyles

Hollywood Life served up the scoop on Kim Kardashian‘s trio of wedding ‘dos for saying “I do” on May 24. Living Proof Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan did the hair honors on her wedding day, as well as for her pre-wedding brunch at the Valentino estate and, of course, the rehearsal dinner. Here, Chris breaks down how to recreate each of Kim’s wedding hairstyles.

kim-kardashian-rehearsal-dinnerThe Look: Rehearsal Dinner

1. “That afternoon, Kim came back and we got her ready for her rehearsal dinner. I took out the braid [from brunch out] and brushed through her hair.

2. I added some Flex throughout her roots and around her face to give her that great lift off her forehead.

3. Then I sprayed Texture onto my hands, rubbed them together, and ran them through her hair. Texture isn’t even on the market yet, [AVAILABLE 8/21 EXCLUSIVELY AT SEPHORA] but I just love it. It’s like no other. It adds thickness and texture to the hair and it gives lived-in looking hair on fresh hair. It just makes my job easier.

4. I then pulled Kim’s hair back into a low, slightly-off-center ponytail and braided it before putting it into a bun. So Kim had a braided bun in the back, then I held it in place with a long, gold barrette at the nape of her neck. Hair accessories are big, and this was decorative but it also held everything in place. I finished the look off with a little more Flex.”


The Ceremony

1. “I started again with Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, applying the product on damp hair, along with a little bit of Full Mousse at the crown. Then I gave Kim a classic blow-dry with a round brush.

2.  We did a center part, which is very fashionable, very chic, and very modern. It reminded me of Ali MacGraw in Love Story – it was modern but with this retro nod. Then I added a small pump of Satin at the ends of Kim’s hair to make it look shiny and healthy. I really wanted her hair to look as healthy, pretty, and youthful as possible.

3. Kim’s Givenchy dress was so elegant and beautiful. Because of the veil, I tucked her hair behind her ears and kept the look simple and elegant. It all worked well together. The whole look was very modern, chic, and different.

4. I finished off the look with Control Hairspray around the hairline — it’s a stronger hairspray and I wanted to make sure that even with the veil, everything stayed in place.”

kim-kardashian-6-600x450Kim’s Reception Hair — Half Back

1. “After Kim took her veil off, I pulled the two front pieces of hair back. I used another Emi-Jay ponytail holder to make a tiny little ponytail in the back — it was very 70s. It started at her temples and went to the back of her head.

2. I then took a little spray of baby’s breath from her bouquet and put it in the middle of the ponytail. I always like to put flowers in the hair, especially at a wedding — but not in a big way. I like to do it in a simple, small way. That’s a go-to-thing. Riccardo Tisci was like, ‘Let’s do this! Let’s put a tiny bit in her hair.’ Collaborating with the designer of Givenchy was just amazing.”

rs_600x600-140525094809-600.Kanye-West-Kim-Kardashian-West-Wedding.jl.052514_copyPost Dress-Change

1. “About two-thirds into the reception, Kim changed into another dress. All I did this time was take her hair down, brush it out, and re-blow dried the front a bit. After she changed into her Balmain dress, I sprayed some Texture on my hands and added that throughout her hair.

2. I also used a little bit of Satin at her ends for shine and Flex Hairspray throughout for extra hold.”

Which hairstyle do you like best on Kim?

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